Top 10 Best Fingerboards, Ramps & Finger Bikes to Buy this Year

For the last few years, skating has become a popular sport. Hundreds of kids are dreaming about skateboarding like their favorite idols. But with skateboarding, another movement was born: fingerboarding. Fingerboards as the name suggests, are small skateboards that drive you with your fingertips. You will do just as many death-defying stunts and amazing tricks, but you’re much less likely to have an accident. No matter whether you’re new to fingerboarding or a pro in the world of competitive miniature sports, there are boards out there for you. We’ve put together a list of our top best fingerboards brands, products, and kits choose the best one that suits your needs. See also our recommendations on the best bose soundbars, the best wireless Bluetooth headphones, the best gaming keyboards, and the best wireless gaming mouse.

Top 10 Best Fingerboards and Accessories

1. Best fingerboard brand: Tech Deck Fingerboards

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In the fingerboarding world, fingerboards from Tech Deck is the best brand to buy because of its quality and performace. Tech Deck, more than two decades ago, was one of the first brands that broke into the fingerboarding craze. Real-world imagery comes with the fingerboards. For your money, they’re certainly the best value!

You’ll be sent a random design of Amazon’s choosing as far as the particular board goes. It will be a Tech Deck board, but there’s no telling which series it comes from. It might be the Performance Fun Shape, Skate Co, Sticker, DC Comics, or FUNdamentals series.

2. Best Fingerboard: P-REP Solid Performance Complete Wooden Fingerboard

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P-REP is the one to get you into serious fingerboarding. Assembling the P-Rep 32mm Solid complete yourself is a great way to that. The included instructions make that assembly easy. Parts can always be added for better performance as skills increase.

Broken Knuckle Fingerboards created the P-REP line to provide an inexpensive alternative to our high-performance line of fingerboards. We believe everyone should have access to try and have quality wooden fingerboards without having to pay a lot to get started. These completes are well made and are a great introduction to wooden decks and fingerboarding.

This Tuned complete comes with the following:

  • 34mm P-Rep “Low Mold” Deck
  • 34mm P-REP SOLID Performance Trucks – Single Axle and locknuts – Spare set of BKF Baked Bushings
  • Included
  • CNC Lathed Bearing Wheels
  • 2 pieces un-cut Foam Grip Tape
  • 1 standard fingerboard tool
  • necessary nuts and screws
  • some stickers

3. Best pro fingerboard: HOMETALL 12 PCS Professional Mini Fingerboards Finger Skateboard

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Best Gift for kids, they will exercise their finger coordination playing the fingerboards, while enjoying the fun of the game. Order this set of fingerboards now to let your kids or students to play and train their finger coordination. Great for developing children’s intellectual and practical skills.

Key features:

  • Set of 12 mini fingerboards of random patterns, will be a huge hit in all festivals, parties, birthdays, etc.
  • Package contains 12 fingerboards, 12 mattte ones with random color and patterns,Size: 4 inch(L) /1.6 inch(W).
  • Excellent training props, perfect for training your finger coordination.
  • Great gift for sports enthusiasts and Skateboard lovers, they will enjoy it with this skate park kit toy.
  • Quality: We only make high-quality skateboards, very durable, and your kids will like our skateboards.
  • Ordering now, contact with me please if you have any issues, we must provide satisfied service for you.

4. Pizzies Professional Wood Mini Skateboard

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Looking to get a best fingerboard without wasting too much cash? The advanced mini skateboard from Pizzies brand is made of high-quality components such as 5-ply maple wood, which ensures it is durable. Furthermore, the integration of closed bearings wheels makes it suffer less from the ravages of friction. So you or your son / daughter will enjoy flipping and performing tricks for several times.

Fingerboards require self-assembly for the most part, as all modern extreme sports products, and this board is no difference. You’ll find everything you need to get this cheapest of inexpensive fingerboards on the ramps in the box. This involves the board itself, four spokes, two axles, eight screws, four bolts, and a rider’s surface with no slip pad.

Technical details

  • Total package weight: 54 grams
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.8 x 1.6 cm
  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • Material: Wood,alloy,ABS
  • Gender: Boys & Girls
  • Theme: Maple Wood Finger Skateboard
  • Color: Light Blue/Black/White/Navy/Red/Yellow as you choose

5. Southboards Full Finger Freshwater Skateboard

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This is the best fingerboard brand to buy in 2020, it was again made 100 percent by hand and coated with a superior varnish in the freshwater version.

It’s quality, made of genuine Canadian Maple wood, and drilled to permit numerous base plates, including those from Tech Deck. As for the color, color lacquer is added to give it a specific finish after the treatment with clear varnish. Again, this finger skateboard is suited for the starter, beginner, or pro trickster.

You’ll find the deck in the package, four wheels, bolts, axels and screws, no stick mats to put on the deck. And the equipment to bring this board together and enjoy a low-cost experience of finger boarding.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 9 grams
  • 5 ply wooden deck
  • Medium-density fibreboard Finger Deck
  • Manufactured by hand
  • Adjustable Axles
  • 29 x 100 mm
  • Deep concave and high kicks

Fingerboard ramps

1. Best fingerboard ramps: Grips & Tricks Ramp for Finger Bikes, Finger Scooters, and Boards

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How about anything new if you managed to choose a deck from the ones above? Next up, I have to show you a great beginner fingerboard ramp; it’s also nice for bikes and finger scooters. In other words, with all your finger-based extreme sports toys, this flexible little fingerboard ramp helps you to learn tricks.

This is manufactured with solid PVC, it’s ideal for the HALFPIPE with the added advantage of two metal sliders. In addition, with this kit, there is the surprise of a deck. It’s a piece of equipment that can be modified to be used as an all-in-1 starter or an upgrade to what you have.

In addition, this ramp is ready in the package, so it’s ready to go if you already own a fingerboard, bicycle, or scooter. As for the deck, some assembly would be required. However, it contains the equipment and tools to do that.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 32 grams
  • 4 x 2 x 3 cm
  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • Fingerboard included

2. Creation Skate Park Kit

If you’re getting annoyed with the Halfpipe ramp, why not use a skate park pack to change it up a bit? This one from Invention comes with 8 bits, which means there are a lot of tricks to do in this miniature park.

This kit is made of strong and durable plastic and can hold you, your son or daughter challenged for hours at a time, so why? Since it is essentially configurable in whatever form you choose, it ensures that the number of possible trick combinations is endless.

You will get the eight configurable parts with this package, plus the assembly tools. In addition, to measure the construction, there are stickers to personalize the ramps and other parts.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 1 Kg
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards included

3. Best fingerboard ramps: Tech Deck Skateshop Bonus Pack

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When you’re new to fingerboards, it can be hard to choose which one to buy. Imagine, you’re the best, but proud of it, at Kickflips, Ollie’s, Bigspin’s, Gingersnap’s and more. Wouldn’t you like to show the boards you use to the world?

You will, of course, and that’s why Tech Deck has put together this bonus bundle for the Skate Shop. It’s great for a professional fingerboarder who wants to place his / her pride and pleasure somewhere or something.

This kit contains everything you need to customize and view your skateboards. It comes with three 96 mm fingerboards and three spare decks, plus the most popular license to show on them. Of course, there’s also a show stand, one that can be added to the boards and related accessories.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 91 grams
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards included, and one display rack

4. Big Gift Set – Finger Boards, Finger Bikes, Finger Scooters and More

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If you’re one of those people, you’re the first to jump into a real personality! Why don’t you have a full configuration of the Finger Board, Bike, and Scooter?

It comes with not only the means to get around, but also one of the best fingerboard ramps. Similar to the lone ramp I spoke about earlier, it’s built of solid PVC and it’s made of metal sliders. This one  is decorated with some fantastic artwork to make it look real.

In addition, there was a rack to keep your boards secured, and what looks like a pair of roller skates is ideal for speed skating backwards. For the most part, this package comes pre-assembled but as is usual with fingerboards, tools are also included for assembly. There are two extra wheels for the finger bike.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 91 grams
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards, 1x display rack, 1x Bike + spare wheels, 1x scooter

5. Flick Trix Street Hits Assortment

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Okay, fingerboards, this isn’t your cup of tea, so what about finger bikes? There are a lot of tips and tricks worth learning if you have two fingers, a ladder and a stunt bike. And that’s just what you’re getting in this Flix Trix pack.

Plus, if you feel bold, you might try a trick or two on a scooter or a board on this ramp. Yes, it hasn’t been built for them.

This kit (available on Amazon) comes partly assembled, the ramp is ready to use, but the bike would need to be connected to the handlebars. Tools to do exactly that are included in the kit.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 20 grams
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Made from strong and durable PVC
  • 1x Finger bike, and 1x ramp included

6. Finger Whips X3 Triple Pack

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Last but not least, I’ve got a pack of finger scooters to show you, this one has three. Known as finger whips, scooters have a great following in the world of extreme finger activities. As such, no setup would have valued the salt without at least one. In fact , the number of ticks that you can do with one is just as limited as your imagination. So, this pack is great if you feel like a bit of extreme sports trial and error.

The scooters themselves come filled with neat features, such as a fully rotating handlebar, a die-cast metal frame. Plus interchangeable parts that allow you to customize each of them before setting up to amaze your friends.

Within the box, you’re going to see the three scooters, and the stickers for each, you’re going to pick which one goes where. These stickers are a collection of real-world premium art that helps with authenticity. There are also a pair of spare wheels in the box, stands for each whip / scooter, and a tool for assembly.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 181 grams
  • Age Range: 6 years and up
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 2.4 x 22.2 cm
  • Made from strong and durable PVC
  • 3x Finger scooters, 3x stand included

Final Thought

If you’re looking for a classic fingerboarding experience, the Tech Deck boards might be right for you. But you’re not going to be able to select your own board or the series from which it comes.

If you are looking for more specificity, you might want a different choice.

The Pizzies Professional board is made of wood, making it more sturdy than its rivals. But it still needs a lot of installation, so it’s not perfect if you want a board ready to work right out of the box.

Any board from Southboards would be a little more costly, but it’s also of better quality. The boards are hand-made, hand-polished and coated.

They are truly a piece of art that will please many generations.

As for the stairs, the Grips & Tricks ramp is the most flexible ramp. It can accommodate fingerboards, scooters, and bikes. It is also pre-assembled and can be used as an all-in-one kit.

For people who want more tricks, the Creation Skate Park Kit offers you unlimited configurations with its 8 miniature skate park bits.

The Tech Deck Skateshop kit offers you a show case and customization options after you’ve started collecting your fingerboards.

And the Big Gift Set gives you every kind of finger toy you could need, from fingerboards to finger scooters.

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