Top 8 Best Keyboards For Programming and Coding – Reviews

Finding a decent keyboard will greatly boost the workflow for a lot of programmers. A keyboard that is easy to type on, switches that feel light and sensitive, and features like programmable keys are expected to spend endless hours typing. Any one of our recommendations are mainly for gaming keyboards, but gamers and programmers have very common requirements, as it turns out. . See also our recommendations on the best bose soundbars, the best wireless Bluetooth headphones, the best gaming keyboards, and the best portable hard drives.

Best Keyboards For Programming – Reviews

1. Best Full-Sized Keyboard For Programming: Razer BlackWidow Elite


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The best keyboard for programming we have reviewed is the Razer BlackWidow Elite. The unit features mechanical switches from Razer’s patented Orange, but you’ll get it with clicky or linear switches. The Orange switches have a light tactile bump that looks a lot like Cherry MX Browns, and they provide you with an impressive typing interface that does not tire you out.

It comes with a comfortable plush wrist rest that binds magnetically if you work long hours and need additional support for your wrists. To change the sound, play, pause, or skip songs, it also has specific media functions. It is integrated with Synapse 3 software from Razer, where you can set macros, reprogram keys, or configure its complete RGB backlighting features. If you need to switch to another device, profiles can be stored inside the program or by using the onboard memory.

Unfortunately, Synapse 3 is only compatible with Windows and not macOS or Linux.  This has a USB pass-through on the top to help you attach another device or power a mobile device, and for usability, there is a 3.5 mm headphone port. Overall, although it was developed for games, its efficiency and functionality make it the best keyboard for programmers available in a full-size version.


  • Very well-built design.
  • Very comfortable wrist rest.
  • Excellent typing experience.


  • Slightly unstable wrist rest.
  • Customization only available on Windows.

2. Best Keyboard for Programming: RAZER PRO TYPE


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If you want a wireless keyboard, the Razer Pro Type is a great alternative. Even though it is only available on Razer Orange switches and does not come with a wrist rest like the Razer BlackWidow Elite, it is wireless and can be combined with four devices at once. Whenever a key is registered, the switches on our device offer nice tactile support, and the light sensor force results in a responsive typing experience. Although it has no dedicated macro keys, through the Razer Synapse 3 program, all of its keys are programmable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have onboard memory, but cloud sync is supported by the app, and helps you to backup your settings so you can keep them on another computer as long as the software is installed.

Go with the BlackWidow Elite if you want a wired model with multiple switch choices, but if you want a wireless keyboard with multi-device pairing capability, search the Pro Type. This is the best keyboard for programming to buy in 2021.


  • Excellent typing experience.
  • Programmable keys.
  • Bright backlighting.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • No software support for macOS.
  • Doesn’t come with wrist rest.

3. Best Compact Keyboard For Programming: Obinslab Anne Pro 2

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The best compact keyboard for programming  we’ve reviewed is the Obinslab Anne Pro 2. This 60% portable wireless model is an awesome option for programmers as it has a fantastic tactile keyboard, you can set macros to any key, and you can pair it simultaneously with computing resources. It feels very well-built, and when typing, the PBT keycaps don’t wobble much.

Through ObinsKit software, which is compatible for both macOS and Windows, the RGB backlighting is entirely adjustable. Thanks to its very light actuating power, the Gateron Brown switches on our device sound light and responsive, and it has a fairly long pre-travel distance, which should help deter accidental keystrokes. There is also good tactile feedback any time a key is entered. It’s also available in several different switch styles, so if you don’t like the feel of the Gateron Browns, you can select a different style.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of tilting settings and a wrist rest, the comfort is mediocre. Its small size could make the keys feel a bit too cramped, and during longer typing sessions it can induce some muscle fatigue. Even so, after you get used to its small scale, it’s an outstanding option and it’s one of the best keyboards we’ve reviewed for programmers.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Superb typing experience.
  • Great customization options.
  • Wide variety of switch types available.


  • Small size may feel cramped to some; no arrow keys.
  • Minimal extra features.

4. Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Programming: Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

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The best keyboard for programming with an ergonomic design that we’ve tested is the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB. This wired TenKeyLess mechanical choice has exceptional ergonomics that make it perfect for programmers. As the layered keys are very solid, it has a strong build, and the frame does not have flex. It deals with a removable wrist rest that is plush, and you can cut the board in half and place each portion as you want.

As a result of the Cherry MX Brown switches, it has a very light typing experience. They have a slight amount of tactile input and provide a little bump for the keys to work to get across. They are silent as well, and with those around you, they need not be too noisy. The RGB lighting and program macros from the RGB SmartSet companion app can be customized. Windows and Linux are completely compliant with the keyboard itself, with just the ‘Stop’ button not operating on MacOS. Check out the ErgoDox EZ if you want a more flexible split style model and don’t mind investing extra money.

The split style, however, takes a bit to get used to and isn’t for everybody. Even, if you don’t want the lack of inclination, you’ll have to buy a ‘Lift Pack,’ which is sold separately. With that said, it’s also available with Cherry MX Linear Red, Clicky Blue, and Linear Speed Silver switches if you don’t like the tactile input from the keys. Overall, this is great for programmers and one of the best mechanical keyboards we’ve tested.


  • Well-built design.
  • Excellent ergonomics.
  • Available in multiple mechanical switches.


  • Awkward to use at first.

5. Best Keyboard For Programming With Macro Keys: Corsair K95 

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The Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT is the best keyboard for programming with dedicated macro keys we’ve checked. This manual wired-only model looks quite good, made of solid plastic with a top plate of metal, and it has very little flex. It comes with a comfortable wrist rest, one inline configuration, and its doubleshot PBT keycaps feel stable and pleasant to type on to boost comfort during long workdays.

The Cherry MX Blue click switches have a short pre-travel distance on our device, resulting in a light and responsive feel, but it can feel a little tiring to type on the raised actuation power. It contains a row of dedicated macro keys, and any key you like can be set to a macro. In the Corsair iCUE program, both of these keys, along with the media buttons, volume wheel, and RGB backlighting, can be remapped. Five profiles can be copied to the onboard memory as well.

Unfortunately, the click-through switches are very noisy and may not be suitable for an office environment, but Cherry MX Speed and Cherry MX Brown switches are also available, which should be quieter. Also, a couple of the keys don’t function on macOS, and you can’t reprogram the macro keys directly from your computer because the app isn’t installed on Linux. Overall, it is one of the better keyboards we have tested for programmers with macro buttons.


  • Dedicated macro keys.
  • Well-built design.
  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps have a nice feel.


  • Not fully compatible with macOS or Linux.
  • High actuation force with tactile switches.

6. Best keyboard for programming: LOGITECH G915 LIGHTSPEED

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The Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED is a decent choice if you would like to have a wireless keyboard with dedicated macro keys. The typing output is not quite as good as the Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT, but it is easy to switch between devices and has multi-device pairing for up to two devices. Each key is independently illuminated, and through the user-friendly G HUB app, you can personalize the RGB lighting on a per-key basis. You can’t set macros to any key but just the five dedicated macro keys on the left-hand side. It does have a decent build quality, though, and the entire thing feels solid.

Find the Corsair if you’re looking for the best programming keyboard with macro buttons, but if you want a wireless one, look at the Logitech.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Low profile.
  • Outstanding software support.
  • Great typing experience.


  • Partial compatibility with mobile devices.

7. Best Budget Keyboard For Programming: Razer BlackWidow Lite

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In the budget group we’ve reviewed, the best keyboard for programming is the Razer BlackWidow Lite. This mechanical TenKeyLess model feels very well-built and has limited flex. It has a brilliant white backlight to enable you in a dimmer environment to see the keys better, and you can change the level of lighting directly from the keyboard. It does not have any wireless versatility because it is a wired-only model, but the cable can be disconnected in case it has to be replaced, or you choose to use your own.

On our machine, the Razer Orange tactile switches sound very familiar to Cherry MX Browns. They have a short pre-travel distance and a low actuation power, resulting in a very light and sensitive sound, and when they detect a keypress, the switches provide good tactile feedback. They are reasonably quiet to type on, and if used with the included O-rings, they can be much more silent. All of its keys are programmable, but it does not have dedicated macro keys, so you can customize them to perform whatever job you need.

Unfortunately, it might feel very tiring to type on due to the high profile of the keys, particularly because it has a very limited incline configuration and no wrist rest. In terms of configuration other than setting macros, the companion program doesn’t provide much, and it’s not compatible with macOS or Linux. Overall, for its price point, this is a fantastic choice, and it’s among the best cheap mechanical keyboards that we’ve reviewed.


  • Very well-built design.
  • Sleek design.
  • Detachable cable.
  • Good overall typing experience.


  • Disappointing ergonomics; fatigue-inducing.
  • Prone to typos.

8. Ducky Shine 7 Keyboard

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The Ducky Shine 7 is a fantastic keyboard with outstanding results in games, impressive customization opportunities and excellent construction quality. Its doubleshot PBT keycaps sound robust, and transparent and legible are the major legends. The Cherry MX Brown switches on our device have an excellent typing experience, with fantastic tactile input and responsiveness, but with the switches of your choosing, you can get the keyboard. Without the need for its companion software, the keyboard’s settings are readily available, including customization for RGB backlighting. There is no USB pass-through or dedicated media controls, but the premium construction and exquisite level of typing more than cover for it.


  • Outstanding typing quality.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Macro programmable keys.


  • Cheap USB-C cable.
  • Customization software limited to Windows.

How to Choose the Best Keyboard for Programming and Coding

To select from this list, one needs to be mindful of a few defining parameters.

The Ergonomics Section

Due to the amount of time people spend using them, coders and programmers need to be selective with their keyboards. Starting with any additional space between the left and the right parts, the keyboard needs to be ergonomic. When typing, there should be a safe shoulder-width space between the fingertips. A palm rest and contoured surfaces for comfort and upper body alignment are often needed by coders and programmers. To prevent repeated strain accidents, a frequent occurrence among programmers, a well-tested ergonomically built keyboard is often helpful.

Durability and Convenience

The keyboard should have keys that can carry between 50 and 100 million clicks from anywhere. The number pad is something programmers and coders rarely use, so the set-up would be rendered more effective with a detachable number pad. Backlights and laser-etched keyboards make it easy to type and remove the possibility of fading off the keyboard.


Programming and coding keyboards need to be compatible with most of the common operating systems. The musts are Windows PC and Mac OS. It’s also perfect to be compliant with Linux and Chrome OS.

On the basis of these criteria, we have prepared a list that includes the best keyboards available for programming and coding on the market. This list will help you split the cluster and pick the best choice available.


Our suggestions above are what we found are the Best Keyboards For Programming available on the market. These are the Best Keyboards For Programming to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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