How to Choose the Best Vacuums to Clean Up the Pet Hair?

best vacuums for pet hair

There’ll be many things you enjoy about your pet, but one thing that’s not so great: seeing his fur all over your home. One of the most commonly asked questions is – What’s the right vacuum to get rid of pet hair? That’s because one of the toughest challenges facing by vacuum cleaners is removing pet hair. This is particularly true because electric currents make dog fur and cat hair stick so closely to fabrics, such as carpeting and upholstery, that it does not appear to pick up any amount of brushing or suction strength.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, the best one may depend on your budget and the floor plan of your home. For example, you might choose a robotic alternative that can do the hard work for you, like the famous iRobot Roomba, if you can invest in a more expensive vacuum cleaner; Or maybe you’re looking for a product that can easily clean hardwood floor dirt, hair, dust, and allergens, maybe you’d want to try something like this Bissell vacuum that doubles as a steam mop.

There’s a vacuum for you (and your pet) that caters your needs. Find here the best vacuums for tackling pet hair and messes at home.  See also our recommendations on the best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, best bose soundbars, the best wireless Bluetooth headphones, the best gaming keyboards, and the best wireless gaming mouse.

What to look for before buying vacuums to clean up pet hairs?

We recommend offering fur-covered carpets and couches a spritz with an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard, before vacuuming to make strands come up better, to help any vacuum do a better job of removing pet hair. Then, especially for pet fur, there are a few features to look for in a vacuum:

  • Rubber trim and raised “fingers” on floor nozzles and attachments that help zap static and break the bonds so fur comes up more easily.
  • Tangle-free brush rolls put an end to clipping long strands of hair (from pets or humans!) that get twisted around the brush.
  • Easy-to-empty dust cups for inevitable and frequent dumping as you vacuum. Keep in mind that filters on newer vacuums trap more odors to eliminate smells in the vacuum and the room.

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Best Upright Vacuum: Dyson Ball Animal 2


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The best vacuum cleaner we’ve reviewed is the Dyson Ball Animal 2. It can quickly navigate around most areas, although it has a bulky design, and it can even be used to get into hard-to – reach spaces in a semi-handheld configuration. It also provides excellent and flexible bare floor efficiency as well as carpet, making it one of the best upright vacuums we’ve reviewed.

Since the head changes itself naturally to match the floor form, pet hair or debris such as cereal and rice can easily be cleaned up from bare floors, while big debris can get stuck under the head. It also does a fantastic job of cleaning shaggy high-pile rugs, and although it fails a little more with finer debris like baking soda, as its dirt compartment fills, it can maintain a reliable efficiency. It comes with many tools and brushes to further improve its flexibility, including a dedicated pet grooming tool to clean various kinds of dirt.

It doesn’t have easy-clip systems, unlike other Dysons, which makes inserting or eliminating pieces a little complicated. Although mainly made of plastic, it’s still very heavy, and it doesn’t feel quite sturdy. That said, maintenance is simple. As long as you carry out daily maintenance on it, it also has no ongoing expenses, making it one of the best vacuum cleaners we have reviewed with an upright configuration.


  • Pet grooming tool.
  • Amazing performance on bare floors.
  • Outstanding on carpets.


  • Mediocre build quality.



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Consider the Shark ION P50 Upright vacuum if you need to clean large areas, but you like the larger variety of cordless vacuums. While on all surface forms, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 provides better overall performance, the Shark still has excellent performance on bare floors as well as carpet, and a power cable does not limit its range. If you choose to clean smaller areas, such as inside your vehicle, the handheld setup will give you even more mobility and controllability. It also has an outstanding battery life for a cordless upright, meaning you can handle large messes without thinking too much about having to wait to recharge the vacuum.

If you don’t want to think about battery life, check the Dyson out and you’re searching for a good clean on some sort of surface. However, if you don’t want a power cable to limit your range or mobility, go for the Shark.


  • Maneuverable cordless design.
  • Has a HEPA filter.
  • Excellent pet hair cleaning capability, regardless of surface.
  • Decent build quality.


  • Has a lot of parts that need to be serviced.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair On Bare Floor: Shark Rocket Pet Pro


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The best pet hair vacuum we’ve checked is the Shark Rocket Pet Pro. When it comes to cleaning pet fur over a wide variety of surfaces, this stick / handheld is excellent, but on bare floors, including linoleum, hardwood, or tile, it is most effective. You’ll be glad to hear that if you have a highly shedding pet, it has a self-cleaning brushroll to keep fur from being tangled up.

It’s also lightweight, extremely durable, and can be quickly made into a handheld, so it’s not too difficult to suck stray hair from behind furniture or on top of high-placed shelves. It is excellently well-built and, due to its design, as long as you take care of its filters, it incurs almost no recurring costs over time.

Unfortunately, it has quite a few sections that require scheduled servicing, but these parts can be easily obtained. It also lacks room for onboard instruments or a vacuum rack, which makes it a little more difficult to store in your room. In its ‘MAX (BOOST)’ mode, if you use it constantly, its battery lasts a little over 10 minutes, which is irritating if you have a large , thick mess to clean up. With that said, even the most highly shedding critters should have no trouble dealing with it.


  • Can easily pick up pet hair from all surface types.
  • Fairly easy to maintain and virtually no recurring costs.


  • No pet grooming brush

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair: Neato Botvac D7


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Neato Botvac D7 is the best robot vacuum for pet hair that we have checked. It is very robust and exceptionally powerful, regardless of the surface, when it comes to picking up pet hair. In its companion app, it comes with great automation functions, including a coverage map, cleaning history, and, somewhat uniquely, a remote piloting feature. When you find the included physical boundary strips to be insufficiently long, you can also set up custom boundary lines in the app.

Although it can often get stuck while attempting to navigate more cluttered areas, it still does an overall good job of navigating through a room effectively. It runs for well over 90 minutes even on its max power ‘Turbo’ mode. Its Eco mode expands its runtime to over two hours if you want a smoother cleaning. Once its charge drops below a certain battery level, it also refuses cleaning tasks and self-navigates back to its charging station, informing you with an in-app notification.

Unfortunately, recurring costs are reasonably high, since it is eventually important to replace the tube, brushroll, side brush, and battery, but you only have to replace the latter every one to two years. Even, this is a very good pick among other robot vacuums thanks to its capability to deal with carpeted floors which is one of the best pet vacuums that we’ve checked.


  • Cleans pet hair on all surface types.
  • Fairly easy to maintain.


  • Many recurring costs.

Best Budget Vacuum For Pet Hair: BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet


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The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet is the best budget vacuum we’ve checked for pet hair. This corded upright provides superior efficiency for pet hair washing, regardless of surface, whether it be laminate flooring or shag carpeting. As the spacious dirt compartment fills up, efficiency stays consistent overall, which is perfect if you’re sweeping a wide area and don’t feel like emptying it constantly.

You will use it in a semi-handheld setup if you unlatch the wand from its body. It comes with a few different instruments and brushes, such as a crevice cleaner and a triangular brush to remove debris from tight spaces, as well as a turbo brush to lift hair from upholstery or carpets or mud. By featuring an onboard rack for its different accessories, it makes the most of its bulky nature, but while not in usage, you normally can’t have to store them in a separate place.

While it has a bagless model, marginally reducing recurring costs, it is important to periodically refresh its carbon and foam filter. There are also a few pieces that need occasional repairs, and the all-plastic structure feels somewhat inexpensive. Even, this is a decent option if you’re shopping for a budget-friendly vacuum to deal with pet hair.


  • Cleans up pet hair on all surface types.
  • Several tools and brushes included.


  • Flimsy plastic build.



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Consider the BISSELL Featherweight Stick 2033 whether you’re on a lower budget or are only searching for something more portable. This upright corded vacuum does not work as good on the carpet as the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet and comes with very few tools, however it has a far simplified configuration that can be easily disassembled, reassembled, or reconfigured into a spot cleaning handheld for maintenance.

It is also much smaller and can be manoeuvred in small spaces quickly. You should not have to think about recurring expenses, due to its bagless nature and washable dust cup and pre-motor philtre. That said, regular emptying is important for its limited dirt compartment, and it lacks a HEPA philtre to minimise the spread of allergens when you clean. It also has a very short power cord and, when cleaning wider rooms, can be a problem.

If you want a bigger vacuum with more functionality, get the CleanView, but if you want anything lighter that needs less extensive maintenance, consider the Featherweight.


  • Feels lightweight.
  • Easy to maintain and virtually free of recurring costs.
  • Remarkable pet-hair cleaning capabilities, regardless of surface.
  • Easily switches to a more maneuverable handheld configuration.


  • Cheap build quality.
  • Short power cord.

Best vacuum for pet hair: Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Review


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The Dyson V11 Animal is a vacuum with a cordless handle. It has an infinite range because it doesn’t have a power cord, and it’s very compact too. On most surface types, it has excellent overall efficiency, and if you need to get into small spaces, you can reconfigure it into a handheld vacuum, which is great for car cleaning.

In addition to making you clean better, it also comes with some tools and brushes. It has a plastic frame, though, which feels a little fragile, and its dirt compartment is a little thin. While its battery performance is all right, when using its Boost setting, it lasts less than ten minutes, which might not be enough if you have a major mess to clean up.

For cleaning pet hair, the Dyson V11 Animal is excellent. It does an excellent job of finding up pet hair on every form of surface. However, the fit and finish is just decent, and you need to cut it with either your hands or with scissors if there is hair wrapped around the main brush roll.


  • Great performance on most floor types.
  • Virtually no recurring costs.


  • No pet grooming brush.

Best vacuum for pet hair: Roborock S6 Vacuum Review


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A strong general robot vacuum is the Roborock S6. Just like the Roborock S4 and Roborock S5, based on the suction levels, it has a battery life of about two to three hours. On bare floors, it can quickly clean all sorts of debris, and while it struggles with both small and big debris on carpet, it still does an overall good job.

It also has a mop feature that can assist in cleaning wet spills or stuck-on grime; we are not currently evaluating this, however. Its compact size makes it easy to move under tables or sofas, and it is light enough for you to bring it for cleaning to another level. On the drawback, it has demanding maintenance requirements and every few months, depending on your usage, parts of it need to be replaced.

For clean up pet hair, the Roborock S6 is superb. It does a fantastic job of picking up hair on all kinds of textures, which is great. For each accessory, however, it does need ongoing maintenance. Fortunately, if necessary, Roborock provides a cleaning tool that will help you unwrap hair from the brushroll.


  • Picks up pet hair on all surfaces.
  • Removable brushroll.


  • Many recurring costs and it requires ongoing maintenance.

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Buyer’s Guide:

Without using the usual cleaner, pet vacuums are the perfect way to cope with unnecessary fur and other animal messes. Like the usual kind, for a variety of fur styles, areas, and more, pet vacuums come with various designs and capacities, giving you choices to consider before making a purchase.

Pet vacuums are available in different forms, including handheld, canister, and upright. The sort of pets you have is an important factor, as upright vacuums also have the ability to clean up major messes and thick fur. For smaller spaces or lighter pet messes, handheld and canister styles are best suited. The sorts of messes you have to clean up will also come down to having the right attachments and accessories.

Different types of pet vacuums you can choose from:

Deciding which type you want is the first step towards picking your new pet vacuum. Let’s look at the three primary varieties. Overall, we agree that the best tool for tackling pet hair is upright vacuum cleaners.

1. Handheld:

For spot cleaning or cleaning upholstery, a handheld vacuum is perfect when you do not want to get out of your main unit. While a handheld vacuum undoubtedly has its place in your cleaning arsenal, it is not big or strong enough to act as your only vacuum cleaner.

2. Canister:

In the main body of the unit, a canister vacuum has a separate motor, with the intake port connected by a hose. A canister vacuum is typically easier to store because of its compact size.

There is a narrower cleaning path and a number of attachments in a canister vacuum, so it’s great for homes with a lot of floor furniture you need to clean around, but it takes longer to tackle wide, open areas.

A canister vacuum has no beater brush in most situations, so it does not lift hair from as deep in the carpet as an upright vacuum would.

3. Upright:

An upright vacuum cleaner has a one-piece frame on the bottom of the machine, the engine in the centre, and the handle at the top with the brush and intake port (where the vacuum picks up dirt).

Usually, an upright vacuum has a spinning brush that is great for lifting hair from the ground, or “beater brush”. An upright vacuum can clean it easier if you have a large home since it has a wider cleaning path and can travel rapidly over big, open spaces. If you choose a folding model, bigger storage space would be needed for an upright vacuum.

Features to look for before buying pet vacuums:

1. Filter Filter:

To avoid all the dust and dander from being blown back out into your home with the air expelled through the exhaust port, a pet vacuum cleaner should have a proper air filter. A vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, the gold standard of air filtration systems, is recommended. A HEPA-filter vacuum can filter out a number of allergens, like pet dander.

2. Brushes:

For pulling pet hair from the pile, a beater brush is necessary on carpeted floors so that it can be swept up by the vacuum. When you have pets, especially long-haired cats or dogs, the issue is that hair is wrapped around the spinning brush and needs to be cut out and removed periodically. To save you time and effort, a decent pet vacuum will have an easy-clean beater brush.

3. Power:

As you need extra suction for fur, dander, and dirt from dirty paws, pet vacuums are usually more effective than standard vacuums. Power is measured in “air watts” and should be specified in the requirements of the manufacturer. Anything less than 200 watts of juice in the air is not going to cut it.

4. Attachments:

Pet vacuums can come with a variety of accessories, much like most vacuum cleaners. You probably won’t spend too much time worrying about what each one is for, if you’re like most people, and you’ll probably only use a few of them occasionally, if at all.

The two that we find most helpful are the upholstery method for sucking up all the pet hair under your couch cushions and the crevice attachment for extracting pet hair that tends to accumulate in corners somewhere.

Final thoughts:

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best vacuums for pet hair available on the market. These are the best vacuums for pet hair to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for you.


Q. How often do I need to change the air filter in my pet vacuum?

A. It’s generally recommended to change an air filter about once a year, or when you notice a musty smell when you vacuum, if sooner. Some air filters can be removed and cleaned, but this will usually damage HEPA filters. Check the manual to see how you change a filter in your vacuum model.

Q. Should I replace my regular vacuum with a pet vacuum?

A. We’re not ones to fall for marketing gimmicks, but we absolutely recommend pet vacuums for dog or cat owners. If your current vacuum cleaner is doing a good job, you might not need to upgrade to a pet model until it needs replacing. However, many customers have said they didn’t realize how much dirt was getting left behind, deep in their carpet, until they switched to a pet vacuum.

Q. How often do I need to vacuum up pet hair?

A. This really depends on how much your pet sheds and how clean you like your carpets to be. If you run a tight ship, you might find yourself vacuuming daily. Whereas others with more relaxed standards might only do a deep clean once every week or two, plus the occasional bit of spot cleaning where needed. Do whatever works for you.

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