Samsung TV: Incredibly popular with beautiful high-quality TVs

Samsung is one of the best TV brands as well as one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, with products ranging from mobile phones to home appliances. For a long time now, Samsung has been the market leader in television, holding top market position year after year. Samsung may not always be offering the best TV on the market— our reviews typically favor OLED models that Samsung no longer makes — but it’s thin. Sleek TVs have proven incredibly popular with consumers across the board.

These TVs still use VA panels but have a layer of Quantum Dot that increases the gamut of colors. Although VA panels typically have an amazing contrast ratio, their viewing angles are poor, causing images to appear blurred out from the side when displayed.

Samsung TVs are generally known to have excellent picture quality with very specific out-of-the-box colors, even with their models at the entry-level. Over the past few years, their display latency has improved significantly to be with monitors and many versions now support the FreeSync variable refresh rate, which eliminates screen lagging while gaming.

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