Top 10 Card Games For Adults in 2019 | Product Ranking based on best reviews

rank product name score check price
1 Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens By Exploding Kittens LLC 4269 Reviews 9.8 Score Average price…$19.99
2 Five Crowns Card Game By SET Enterprises 1987 Reviews 9.4 Score Average price…$10.97
3 The Voting Game – The Adult Party Game By The Voting Game 689 Reviews 9.3 Score Average price…$24.99
4 Dutch Blitz By Dutch Blitz 858 Reviews 8.9 Score Average price…$9.28
5 Kings in the Corner Game By Jax 194 Reviews 8.7 Score Average price…$7.71
6 Cards Against Humanity By Cards Against Humanity LLC. 31034 Reviews 8.3 Score Average price…$25.00
7 Goat Lords — Hilarious and Competitive New Card By Gambit Games LLC 52 Reviews 8.0 Score Average price…$19.99
8 Never Have I Ever, The Adult Party Card By INI 1047 Reviews 7.7 Score Average price…$24.95
9 Go Fish Yourself Party Game By Headburst 168 Reviews 7.6 Score Average price…$10.00
10 QuickWits 2 Party Game: A Fun and Social By Towpath Gaming, LLC 29 Reviews 7.3 Score Average price…$11.99

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