Top 10 Penguin Books Movies Books in 2019 | Product Ranking based on best reviews

1 Frankenstein (A Penguin Classics Hardcover) By Mary Shelley 1943 Reviews 9.8 Score Average price…$16.97
2 Les Miserables (A Penguin Classics Hardcover) By Brand: Penguin Classics Hardcover 655 Reviews 9.6 Score Average price…$21.05
3 Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Drop Caps) By Jane Austen 7870 Reviews 9.1 Score Average price…$18.56
4 The Jungle Books (Penguin Classics) By Rudyard Kipling 1056 Reviews 8.8 Score Average price…$10.22
5 The Island of Dr Moreau (Penguin Classics) By Wells, H. G./ Parrinder, Patrick/ Atwood, Margaret Eleanor (INT)/ Maclean, Steve 190 Reviews 8.7 Score Average price…$6.94
6 Black Beauty: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) By Penguin 110 Reviews 8.2 Score Average price…$11.84
7 The Outsiders (Penguin Classics) By Hinton, S. E./ Picoult, Jodi (INT) 337 Reviews 8.0 Score Average price…$11.25
8 The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling By Henry Fielding 153 Reviews 7.8 Score Average price…$12.00
9 The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics) By Dumas, Alexandre/ Buss, Robin (TRN) 2354 Reviews 7.4 Score Average price…$9.99
10 Oliver Twist (A Penguin Classics Hardcover) By Charles Dickens 28 Reviews 7.0 Score Average price…$17.40

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